Sunset Notice: As of 1/1/2024, the Impact Product is no longer available. Historical data from previous orders will still be displayed in past reports.


Go to the Engagement tab to see how people are engaging with your release. 



Stat Tiles
  • Total engagement actions -- Total click-throughs, shares, tweets and downloads.    
  • Click-throughs -- Total clicks to all  links within the body of your release.    
  • Shares -- Total social and other types of sharing of your release from our websites.     
  • Downloads -- Total downloads of all files and documents associated with your release.
  • Web Conversions - If purchased with Premium Visibility - Reports Impact Audience plus Web Conversions


Engagement Summary
Engagement Timeline

See when your audience engaged with your release.  With the engagement timeline you can track click-throughs, shares, and downloads for your release and/or key assets distributed with or elements embedded within your release over time. Engagements will also include Web Conversions - If purchased with Premium Visibility - Reports Impact Audience plus Web Conversions.

Impact Web Conversions

If you have purchased Premium Visibility Reports – Impact Audience plus Web Conversions - the Audience tab will include  Impact Audience and the Engagements tab will include Web Conversions.

Once Web Conversions have been implemented on your site and confirmed as complete by our configuration team, we will start to track these engagements after releases are distributed. It can take a few days to a few weeks after a releases crosses for web conversions to start displaying.

With Web Conversions, customers can track their own urls to pinpoint the specific actions audiences take after viewing their press releases. These actions can be almost any activity taken on a customer site: e.g. visits to home page, blog view, downloads, sign-up sheets, order forms and purchases. Visibility Reports will be able to track these engagements on a customer's site for up to 6 months. 

Note: Premium Visibility Reports – Impact Audience plus Web Conversions is an additional service available to PR Newswire customers in the U.S. and Canada and is recommended for distributions to the U.S. and Canada.  Contact your Account Executive or click here for more information

Engagement Details

The number of times your release sent visitors to the pages you linked to.

This chart shows you: 

  • The link URL -- The URL you included the body of your release.
  • Click-through numbers -- The number of times each URL was clicked.



A breakdown of the types of sharing your release generated.  This chart shows you: 

  • Type of Share -- How, or where, the release was shared
  • Number of Shares -- The number of shares recorded for the version of your release posted to our websites.
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