Account Performance


Account Performance provides you with valuable metrics for your entire account from the last 365 days, starting from the current login date.

Activity Trends -- Total Activities

Key trends for activity on releases in this account over the last twelve months.

  • Release views & crawls -- All bonafide human views to your release, whether from public, media or investor channels; and webcrawlers, the number of times your release was crawled by a search engine robot or other web crawler on our websites. 
  • Media views -- A subset of Release Views, those derived only from credentialled media viewing your release from PR Newswire for Journalists.
  • Engagement --  Total click-throughs, shares and downloads of your release and/or key assets distributed with or elements embedded within your release.
Activity Trends -- Release Views & Hits

See viewership / search engine Activity Trends broken out separately.  

  • Web crawler hits -- The number of times your release was crawled by a search engine robot or other web crawler on our websites (i.e.,,, or 
  • Views on our websites -- Views from (U.S.), (EU) or (Canada).
  • Views on our network -- Views to your release from sites that are part of our syndication network.
  • Mobile and app views -- Views to your release from our mobile site and apps.


Top 10 Releases

Your best performing releases across the account. Click the column headings to sort the table.

This table displays the top 10 releases distributed via your account over the last 365 calendar days.  The default criteria for evalualion is total views. You can, however, re-sort the able based on:

  • Pickup:  All relevant media placements and influencer interaction around your content, consisting of either exact match pickup from the online and social media that we monitor or tweets about your news;
  • Media:  The number of media views from credentialled journalists accessing your release from PR Newswire for Journalists;
  • Multimedia:  The number of views to your multimedia assets; or:
  • Engagement:  The number of shares, clicks and/or downloads for your release or related links and / or assets.
Media Views

Shows you views from credentialled media viewing all releases in your account over the last 365 days from the  PR Newswire for Journalists media channel.

See the following details for each media outlet: 

  • Outlet Name
  • Outlet Industry
  • Media Type
  • Location of Media Outlet
  • Views from this Media Outlet
  • Total views from all media outlets over the last 365 days.
Organization Views

The organizations who have viewed your releases the most.

More about organization views
  • ​​​See more about Organization Views in the "More about organization views" section of this page
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Learn more about SocialPost in the SocialPost section on this page

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