Go to the SocialBoost tab to gain greater visibility of the social share actions across our distribution partner network. 

Note: This tab will only be visible if you acquire the SocialBoost product 

Stat Tiles

Unique Visitors 

Number of unique IP addresses per widget per day 

  • If a person visits the same widget multiple times within a day, it will be counted as one user   
  • If a person visits the same widget multiple times but with a different device (different IP), it will be counted as two users   
  • If a person visits multiple widgets, it will be counted as a visit for each toolkit   
  • If a person visits the same widget on multiple days (> 24 hours between visits), it will be counted a visit for each

Total Shares

Number of times someone takes an action on the widget to share a post. If sharing a post requires multiple steps, we track the last step that is performed on the widget.

A share happens when a user clicks on the "customize and share" or "download and copy" button on a post displayed in the widget, but we don't track if the post shared then generates reshares on that particular social network. Only the initial share is tracked. 

Unique Visitors and Shares Over Time -- Trend Chart

Unique Visitors and Shares Over Time

  • The bar chart depicts daily metrics for each category across a 60-day period.  
  • Users can opt to toggle between labels to visualize metrics individually or view "Unique Visitors" and "Shares" together using bar charts.  
Click Stats Overview

Total Clicks on SocialBoost Content 

  • Number of times someone clicks on a link in a post that was shared via the SocialBoost widget on a certain social network. It is basically a website visit originating from the social share tool post.

Click Trends Over Time 

  • This displays a bar chart indicating the daily click volume on a social post over a duration of 60 days.
  • Trend Line: Number of clicks per day on the SocialBoost widget
Engagement By Platform

Shares by Platform

It represents the total number of campaign shares across different platforms. (Note: Only direct shares from the SocialBoost widget are counted)  

Clicks by Platform

It represents the number of clicks generated across the different social media platforms where the campaign has been shared