Your Settings allows you to set up and manage the delivery of your Visibility Reports email summaries. Settings can be found at the top right of any page in Visibility Reports.  

Custom logo
  • Add your logo to all your Visibility Report emails!  Logos must be no larger than 320 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.  
  • If you do not use your own logo, or you decide to delete it, the standard PR Newswire logo will be used in your reports.
Email Language & Timings
  • Here you can choose to opt out of emailed reports entirely or, like most customers, select the intervals at which you'd like to receive emailed summaries of your reports, and the language you would like them in.  Available languages are English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Selected metrics from your reports can be emailed to you at regular intervals, and we will include a link to the full report so you can quickly check out the charts, maps and other data online.
  • Data for your reports is updated at different rates, depending on the source. At two hours we are able to provide a snapshot to show a sample of sites your release was sent to, and more data will flow into your reports over time.
Industry Benchmarks
  • This option allows you to show or hide Industry Benchmark data throughout the Visibility Reports and on your emails.
  • Industry Benchmarks compare your releases to other similar releases distributed by us, providing a valuable comparison to other releases competing for your audiences' attention. 
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General tips:


Print or save (as a PDF or Excel file) any page of your Visibility Reports by clicking the Print or Save icons at the top; you can also email any individual report by clicking the Email button at the top of the page.

Click the View All link whenever you see it to view the full, expanded data set within that metric.