• Highlights is the default landing page, presenting a high-level overview of your release performance.

Detailed Breakdown of Features



Stats for Total Potential Audience and Total Exact Matches are displayed here.


Total Potential Audience: This number refers to the potential number of viewers exposed to your exact match and tweets. Total potential audience is calculated by adding up the following: 

For online sites – the average number of visitors (obtained from an audience data provider) that frequent each online site that has posted your news. Visibility Reports utilizes data from the following sources:

  • NEW: SimilarWeb*: SimilarWeb provides Unique Monthly Visitors from desktop and mobile devices. This data is updated monthly.
  • Siteworthtraffic, an internet analytics company favored by come Asian customers. Measured in a visitors/day format.
  • Alexa, an American web traffic analysis company. Measured in a visitors/day format.
  • Cision Digital Reach*, a proprietary methodology created by Cision to measure the reach of online media outlets that post our news. Reported in a visitors/month format. In most instances, this will have been replaced by SimilarWeb as of April 25, 2020.

Top Exact Match Pickup


Exact matches are full text postings of your press release in the online media that we monitor.

  • The total number of exact matches is displayed, followed by a selection of top pickup by Audience.
  • Clicking on any site name will show the full text posting of your press release.
  • Click on “VIEW FULL PICKUP ANALYSIS” to see the comprehensive list of sites that picked up the full text of your press release. 
Views & Engagement

Views & Engagement data will continue to mature over time. Totals are expected to have reached 98% maturity when the circles below are darker in color.


Release Views: Views of your release on our websites and our network:

  • Public Views -- i.e., Views from PR Newswire channels and from PR Newswire partner sites
  • Media Views -- i.e., Views from PR Newswire's media channel, PR Newswire for Journalists. Media views are included with Release Views if a wire distribution was selected
    • 98% maturity reached 7 days after the press release crosses the wire
    • Clicking anywhere on the bubble will direct to the Traffic tab

Shares: Total social and other types of sharing of your release from our websites.

  • 98% maturity reached 3 days after the press release crosses the wire.
  • Clicking anywhere on the bubble will direct to the Shares table on the Engagement tab


Click-throughs: Total clicks to all links within the body of your release. 

  • 98% maturity reached 3 days after the press release crosses the wire
  • Clicking anywhere on the bubble will direct to the Clickthroughs table on Engagement tab


*Example views of non-mature stats (light grey bubbles) vs. stats that have reached 98% maturity (dark teal):

Multimedia Views

Multimedia Views – Display of the multimedia assets that were distributed with your press release, along with the total number of views associated with each.

  • Image Views -- Views of images with this release   
  • Video Views  -- The number of times your video was viewed

This section will only be displayed if your press release was sent to a U.S. wire distribution. 


The “TOTAL AP OUTLETS DISTRIBUTED” stat represents the total number of outlets your content reached via our partnership with the Associated Press.

  • A selection of the top AP outlets based on audience numbers is displayed
  • Clicking on “VIEW ALL AP OUTLETS REACHED” will bring you to the full list of AP outlets



If you chose to complement your wire distribution with any of our Cision Influencer or Cision Market Lists, the total number of journalists and/or analysts are tallied in the "Total Influencers Distributed" stat.

  • The list name, a selection of outlets and number of recipients is also displayed
  • Click on “VIEW ALL INFLUENCER LIST RECIPIENTS” to see all recipients
Premium Visibility Reports - Impact

Impact Audience:

If you have purchased Premium Visibility Reports – Impact Audience, 1 demographic and 1 firmographic stat are highlighted on this page:

  • Top Age Group
  • Top Job Role
    • Click on “VIEW FULL IMPACT AUDIENCE DATA” to be directed to the full Impact Audience Widget on the Audience tab


If you have Premium Visibility Reports -  Impact Audience plus Web Conversions:

  • The name of the Conversion and the number of Conversions will be displayed
    • If there are more than 5 conversions, clicking on “SEE COMPLETE WEB CONVERSIONS DETAILS” will take you to the Web Conversions table on the Engagement tab.